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Welcome to ACS Environmental

Suppliers of Specialist Equipment for Food Service & Environmental Industries in Ireland and the UK

ACS Environmental offers safe and accredited products which your business can reply on, tough against misuse and designed to facilitate a safe working environment. Efficiency is very important to us. Our product ranges offer you both energy and water savings which in turn save money for the end user. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope to be of assistance to you soon.

Grease Management

Our intelligent Smartserv grease management solutions are specifically designed for hospitality, food service and public sector establishments that process large amounts of fat, oil and grease via kitchen waste water.

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Fuels & Lubes

Continually monitor every tank in your business. From lubes and diesel to waste oil and a vast range of common liquids, you’ll have full transparency about the performance of your tank population. 

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Tank Management

Our intelligent asset monitoring systems are a cost effective solution specifically designed for wastewater applications but can be utilised in many other applications. It helps you manage your tank estate by enabling you to take control of your tank levels.

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The new filtration unit is designed specifically for the removal of smoke and grease particles from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems and for the elimination of odour.

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Watchman - Domestic Tank Monitoring

Domestic Tank Monitoring Devices for Oil and Fuel Tanks. Don´t run out of oil again. Optional alarm systems available.

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GRU - Standard Range

The Grease Guardian ranges outperform any passive Grease Traps

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"...Facilities Management company FKM Group sub contract commercial cleaning to ACS Group. Providing consistent service for over 6 years speaks for itself in this high turnover industry....."

- Bob Gallagher, Operations Director FKM Group -

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